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Energy Trading & Risk Management ETRM-CTRM Back-Office Defined


Back-Office ETRM-CTRM definition

ETRM CTRM Energy Trading & Risk Management Back office Definition

Back-office ETRM-CTRM Defined

The back-office ETRM-CTRM processes involve the settlement, hedge compliance-FAS 133 &157 reporting, invoicing and accounting of all ETRM-CTRM trading activities.

These activities are complex in nature and require unique skills to manage the complexities associated with derivative hedge accounting compliance, settlement and GL (AR/AP) management.

A good ETRM-CTRM system that offers a robust back-office infrastructure is key to automating some of the more complex back-office ETRM-CTRM processes, for example managing the complex intricacies of derivative hedge accounting compliance-FAS 133 & 157.

Robust ETRM-CTRM software solutions offer commodity exposed companies the ability to manage all aspects of the front, mid and back-office processes mentioned. ETRM-CTRM systems are designed to capture all commodity types and financial transactions, view and manage exposures, analyze and measure risk, manage positions throughout the trade lifecycle and perform all of the accounting activities necessary to settle and manage company financials (GL etc). Some even offer advanced FAS compliance tools that are designed to automate the complexities associated with derivative hedge accounting compliance standards/regulations -e.g. FAS 133, FAS 157, IAS 39, Sarbanes-Oxley & Dodd-Frank.

ETRM CTRM Defined, back-office settlement, Derivative Hedge accounting, FAS 133, FAS 157 compliance

About Pioneer Solutions LLC

Pioneer Solutions is a leading provider of emissions management information systems- EMIS and energy and commodity trading and risk management ETRM-CTRM software products powered by the Financial and Regulatory Risk Management System (FARRMS). FARRMS is an integrated, all web-based advanced technology platform that supports rapid delivery and ETRM-CTRM process automation. This formula based, template (no coding needed) & work-flow driven technology platform can readily adapt to unique business challenges and easily interface with other applications. Built from the back-office forward, “TRMTracker” is a FARRMS based solution designed for comprehensive physical and financial ETRM-CTRM, including derivative hedge accounting software automation. TRMTracker is the preferred trading platform for some of the largest Utilities and trading entities in the world. 

Pioneer is proud to have been voted by our peers and clients as a top ETRM-CTRM vendor for “Customer Service” “Preferred System” “Operational Risk” and “Ease of Integration” by and independent Energy Risk Magazines vendor survey. In addition to FARRMS software product solutions, Pioneer provides environmental and risk consulting and software implementation services. Visit us at to find more on how we are changing the way ETRM-CTRM systems are implemented and managed. 





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